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Select mood tags, pick activities & take self-reflective test

Evaluate the impact of your daily feelings and actions with visual statistics. Receive support in the personal recovery journey and insight to carry on.

Why Should I Monitor My Mood?

Mood tracking is a positive psychology technique for improving mental health, and can also be seen as a self-help method for people suffering from mood disorders such as anxiety, clinical depression, and bipolar disorder.


Find new paths to mental well-being

Construct a picture of your day and gain insights into your feelings. 

Improve your self-awareness and enhance your mental well-being with MEDIFIED!

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What Do Users Say About Us

Completing the diary was very therapeutic and served well as a gratitude exercise. Observing negative things has also helped me catch on to things that would be good to tackle in the future.

Mental health rehabilitator and Medified user

Without the app, I probably wouldn't stop to think about how I really feel. Especially the specific questions help me get a better picture of well-being and mood.

Medified user


Together we can boost up your mental well-being.

It's free so why not start today! 

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The Medified app is made in EU

You can contact us anytime at

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