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Mood Tracking is easy and motivating way to reflect feelings on the go. We will support and help you to gain more self-awareness and make better decisions by using just a few minutes of your time a day. Let us help you and give it a try!


What Do Users Say About Us

“Completing the diary was very therapeutic, served as a gratitude exercise, and observing negative things has helped me catch on to things that would be good to tackle in the future." Mental health rehabilitator

How Mood Tracker Works

1. Get the app to learn and make behaviour changes

2. Monitor your feelings by picking mood and activities, filling queries and writing notes with an easy and simple way.

4. Evaluate the effects of your daily feeling and actions with the help of data stats, charts, and correlations.

5. Receive individual feedback & tips to new operation models and see the progress

Why Should I Track My Mood 

Mood tracking is a positive psychology technique for improving mental health, and can also be seen as a self-help method for people suffering from mood disorders such as anxiety, clinical depression, and bipolar disorder. 

By tracking your mood, you can gain insights into your feelings and how they’re influencing your everyday life. This can have a positive effect on your health-related decisions, enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Take 60 Seconds to Improve Your Mental Wellness

The Mood tracker app ask daily questions about the prevailing mood, symptoms and feelings, and additional clinical follow-up questions based on the answers. One queries filling session takes only few seconds. All the mental well-being queries and tasks are based on clinical research and long-used methods in professional work, and now with Medified these are available for home use in a medically-certified simple application.


Mood Tracker In Clinical Use Fostering Your Own Progress

The Mood Tracker can also be utilized for clinical use when you can share your mood data directly with your health care professional. Sharing information will help the professional get a more comprehensive picture of your current status and recovery progress, and thus provide the best possible care. This is particularly important because the major part of the depression treatment takes place in everyday life outside of the appointments.

Research at Medified Solutions

Internal research reveals that 81% of Mielipäiväkirja users have experienced a reduction in their depression after only three weeks.

Why Should I Trust Medified Mood Tracker

If you don't want to, you don't have to. But to be clear, the Mood Tracker has undergone a clinical evaluation and a risk assessment in accordance with EU legislation. The application is Class 1 MDR CE certified, meaning that it is approved for medical use  and compliant with European protective laws for medical devices.

The CE certification ensures that the mood tracker is based on scientific evidence, that the daily use can reduce depressive symptoms and that it is safe to use. 


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