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Provide more personalized mental health treatment with MEDIFIED.

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What Professionals Say About Us...

"Software helped me recognize patients' individual symptoms and overall made the appointments more effective with enhanced communication."

Psychiatric nurse from City of Tampere Mental Health Services

2nd largest hospital district and 3rd largest city in Finland

Data-driven dynamic treatment monitoring software for Mental Health Care

Mood monitoring mobile application for Mental health patients

Our MEDIFIED app offers support in the patients' personal recovery journey and activates the self-treatment process with minor gamified features. With the app, patients can monitor and self-assess their daily mood factors and symptoms, and take self-reflective tests, and receive individual feedback that supports recovery.

The patient data can be connected to the professional solution, making the solution a secure digital communication tool channel between clinician and patient. 

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Cloud-based software for healthcare professionals

The cloud-based software presents a data-driven approach for healthcare professionals to monitor patients in real-time fostering the shared understanding and helping to provide more personalized and efficient care.


MEDIFIED enhances mental health treatment by giving professionals a clinical insight into the patients’ recovery and the self-treatment progress. It helps professionals to recognize the individual needs and features of each patient with AI technology without causing an extra workload.

Health data is highly sensitive and needs maximum protection.

The App has data protection developed by top professionals in order to make it as secure as possible for the Users. The App meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the medical device.


Parties involved in the evaluation and development of the data protection of the application: Meedified Solutions Oy, Simpletec Solutions Oy, Berggren Oy, KYSTERI & KYS Living Lab.


GDPR Compliant

The data protection of the application has been developed by a professional and it meets the requirements of detailed documentation.


Medical Device
Regulation (MDR)

The application is CE marked and has undergone a clinical evaluation and a risk assessment in accordance with EU legislation.


Data Processing

The Use of the MEDIFIED is optional. The information collected during the use of the App will only be utilized for the future development.


KYS Information management

The clinical solvency and the data processing of the App used in the pilot have been approved by KYS.



A comprehensive security review was made based on a detailed technical report in November 2020.

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We’re working with healthcare providers to make MEDIFIED available to all people suffering from mental health illnesses.


Schedule a meeting and we’ll give you a complete overview of our service offering to assess if we have a fit with your company and patients.

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