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Free Mobile App To Support
Mental Health Treatment

A mutual tool for you and your healthcare professional.
Accelerates treatment initiation and supports recovery.

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More time for a connection at a doctor's visit

Mood monitoring as part of treatment

Free and easy to use

Share information directly with a familiar professional

Helps to understand own emotions

Information and Tools to Support Self-Care

Quick to register

Based on researched data

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Start keeping your mood journal

Track your emotional state in relation to other areas in your life to detect patterns and find new paths to mental well-being.

Evaluate your mood once a day or more often by entering your current mood and answering a few questions about the factors affecting your mental health.

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Tag your feelings, moments & activities

Record your mood and the factors affecting it by selecting mood tags, picking activities, and evaluating their intensities.

This helps you to stop and think about your feelings which is crucial to recovery. 


Receive encouraging feedback & insight to carry on

By answering questions and recording your mood, you'll receive regular mental health reports detailing your symptoms and encouraging feedback based on your emotional state.

Track your journaling activity, stats & charts over time

Later on, you can monitor your mood changes over time and evaluate more specifically the factors that have affected your mood by using the diary feature.

It's proven that when we learn to understand what affects our mood, we can improve it more effectively and promote our recovery.

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Take self-reflective test

You are also able to take clinical self-assessment tests for depression, anxiety, alcohol use, and psychological stress with the app.

Share your journal updates with your healthcare professional

Foster a shared understanding by sharing your updates with your professional directly and securely with no extra work.

The more comprehensive picture of your mental state the professional already has, the easier it will be to get more out of your appointments.


Give us anonymous feedback.

In case of technical difficulties, please contact us by email or phone:

+358 44 5567807

Health data is highly sensitive and needs maximum protection.

The App has data protection developed by top professionals in order to make it as secure as possible for the Users. The App meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the medical device.


Parties involved in the evaluation and development of the data protection of the application: Meedified Solutions Oy, Simpletec Solutions Oy, Berggren Oy, KYSTERI & KYS Living Lab.


GDPR Compliant

The data protection of the application has been developed by a professional and it meets the requirements of detailed documentation.


Medical Device
Regulation (MDR)

The application is CE marked and has undergone a clinical evaluation and a risk assessment in accordance with EU legislation.


Data Processing

The Use of the MEDIFIED is optional. The information collected during the use of the App will only be utilized for the future development.


KYS Information management

The clinical solvency and the data processing of the App used in the pilot have been approved by KYS.



A comprehensive security review was made based on a detailed technical report in November 2020.


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Medical Device



GDPR Compliant

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