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Follow how Medified evolves as a young startup on the journey of transforming digital healthcare. From the very first spark of idea about a better professionals-patients connection for depression sufferers, to the latest pilot of our treatment monitoring software, we have made enormous progress. Check the full version of the news by clicking the title.

Health Capital Helsinki: 19.10.2020

The field of mental health is plagued by ineffective and non-personalized treatments. Presently, clinicians can’t effectively monitor the patient recovery process and aren’t therefore able to base the personal treatment decisions on dynamic treatment data, says Co-Founder Valtteri Korkiakoski.

Nyyti Ry: 15.9.2020

The purpose of the survey is to find out students' experiences of mental health rehabilitation and their willingness to use a mobile application to support mental health. In addition, the purpose is to map the desired features and content for a potential mobile application.

Health Capital Helsinki: 8.6.2020

The first application period was launched in March 2020. The majority of the applications came from Finland and in addition some from Singapore, UK and Latvia. Among a total of 33 high-quality applications representing a wide range of health-related businesses, 18 were chosen for interviews with the incubator team and an external expert.

Oulu Health: 7.5.2020

A new solution, the Mielipäiväkirja application, offers healthcare professionals an opportunity to monitor their patients’ well-being remotely, even in exceptional circumstances caused, for example, by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Accenture: 21.4.2020

On Tuesday we streamed the virtual semi-finals of our HumAInity Innovation Challenge. We would like to congratulate Team Medified, NoStress, Breathe, and Healper that was selected by the jury from Accenture, SingularityU Nordic, Swedbank, Samsung, Save the Children, and Furhat Robotics. The four finalists use AI to improve the mental health in the Nordics and have been rewarded 5000 € each to develop their concepts. The winner of the challenge will be announced during the finals in October. 

Mielenterveyden Keskusliitto: 9.4.2020

Tampereen korkeakouluyhteisön opiskelijat ideoivat uusia muotoja masennukseen ja muihin mielenterveyden häiriöihin sairastuneiden tukemiseen yhdessä Mielenterveyden keskusliiton kanssa. Koronatilanteen aiheuttama epävarmuus ja ahdistus vaativat uusia keinoja erityisesti nuorten aikuisten tukemiseen.

Business Tampere: 15.11.2019

Medified is a health technology startup founded by three medical students. The company’s rapid growth and progress are huge motivators for entrepreneurs. The startup community of Medified’s home city, Tampere, has supported the young entrepreneurs’ journey from the start.

Medified: 15.11.2019

Medified received valuable international contacts and recognition by finishing in the top 3 Finalists in its category in USWC Finals at Copenhagen last week. Around the globe, the 40 best university-based startups focusing on UN’s 17 SDGs gathered together and competed for the title. 

Business Tampere: 10.10.2019

Medified Solutions on kolmen lääketieteenopiskelijan perustama startup-yritys, joka kehittää digitaalisia ratkaisuja depressiopotilaiden alkuvaiheen hoidon tueksi. Opiskelun ja yrittäjyyden yhdistelmä voi kuulostaa haastavalta, mutta kun ympärillä on hyvä tiimi, eivät pitkätkään päivät tunnu niin raskailta.

Medified Qualifies for the University

Startup World Cup Finals

Venture Cup: 12.8.2019

Medified takes the first step towards global markets as it was selected as one of the most promising university startups around the world. Medified team proceeded to the University Startup World Cup Finals after completing two-month the online program. Finals are held at Copenhagen on November 1st.  

*Ship Startup Festival: 3.8.2019

Pitch Captain Competition hosted by *ship Startup Festival, was organized for the 5th time at the city of Kotka. This year 50 startup teams took part in the competition, where 10 teams were selected for the finals at Kotka market square.

Kasvu Open: 10.5.2019

20 companies have been selected for the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track out of 68 high-level applicants. The companies represent a wide spectrum of innovations ranging from health and wellbeing solutions to drug development, occupational welfare and diagnostics. The 20 growth-seeking companies selected for the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track share a mission to improve human health, increase wellbeing, and genuinely improve the world.

Introducing the future - Here are the stars of Nordic Startup School

Business Tampere: 28.3.2019

Nordic Startup School is a program organized in collaboration with Golden Gateway and Startup Tampere, the initiative under Business Tampere, to help the most promising startups boost their quest for international success. Now the search is over, and the organizers have eventually selected eight startups, along with five prospects to join them.

Y-Kampus: 18.3.2019

Medified-tiimi ovat Valtteri Korkiakoski, Karlo Seppänen ja Jussi Kurikka. He kävivät ensimmäisessä yhteisessä palaverissaan Y-kampuksella viime vuoden lopulla, ja nyt helmikuussa tiimi voitti Red Brick Accelerator -kiihdyttämön finaalin. Nyt he matkaavat kohti seuraavaa kiihdyttämöä ja ensimmäistä pilottia.

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