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Co-creation and Mental Health Treatment: MEDIFIED pilot in the Psychiatria Fennica 2021

New publication demonstrates the benefits of co-creation processes in the development of dynamic Mental Health Treatment Monitoring solution.

Tampere, Finland. November 2, 2021. Letter to Editor -publication published in Psychiatria Fennica shows the importance of co-creation processes in the development of dynamic treatment monitoring solution for mental health issues and present the preliminary results of MEDIFIED pilot test. The publication discusses the benefits of a digital monitoring solution developed to support mental health treatment. In addition, the publication highlights the benefits of co-creation processes between professionals, patients, companies, and researchers in the development.

According to the publication, a digitized solution can create value for both the patient and healthcare professionals and improve mental health treatment. The results of the MEDIFIED pilot project suggest that this data-based mental health solution can be a useful tool for mental health treatment.

The study emphasizes the importance of careful development and validation and the requirements of systematic co-creation and collaboration between professionals, patients, companies, and researchers in solution development. The publication states that in the future, sufficient and appropriate resources should be invested in co-creation and testing activities between companies and mental health treatment services.

"This pilot project has shown that co-creation opens up opportunities for developing new, innovative solutions also in the context of mental health care," says Jenni Konttila, postdoctoral researcher. The positive feedback and successful co-development from the pilot project serve as good incentives for future study to research the developed solution with intervention research methods."

The full publication published by Psychiatria Fennica can be accessed here.


Jenni Konttila

Corresponding author

About Medified Solutions

Medified Solutions offers a low-threshold mental health service, utilizing artificial intelligence that supports the user's mental health and works as a secure link between individuals and healthcare providers. The company’s mission is to promote personalized care for mental health patients with digital treatment monitoring software.

The MEDIFIED is a clinically validated, CE Class I Marked solution classified as a Medical Device, consisting of a smartphone app for patients and a clinical web portal for healthcare providers that are used in the prevention and treatment of behavioural disorders such as depression. The mobile app is currently being used over 1,500 individuals and 150 caregivers. The MEDIFIED app is free to use and can be downloaded to iPhone and Android devices. For more information, visit:

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