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MEDIFIED Launches New Statistical Features, Giving Users Greater Possibilities To Track Their Mood

New Features Offers MEDIFIED App Users More Possibilities to Track Their Mood Changes through More Advanced Statistics.

Tampere, Finland. November 8, 2021. MEDIFIED, a Finnish health tech company offering mental health treatment monitoring solution launched new app features that give Users the possibility to track their mood changes and factors affecting them more comprehensively through more advanced data analytic features. Starting today, MEDIFIED Users can view their mood changes with a broader summary outlook view. The outlook view now shows more information from mood trends, diary entries, clinical test result development, in addition to a more advanced calendar view.

"It's important to provide this information to patients themselves as well. At MEDIFIED, our mission is to help professionals provide personalized, high-quality mental health treatment and enhance patients' recovery journey. By creating advanced possibilities for users to track their mood changes, we can help patients play a more active role in their treatment process, which also impacts their own recovery journey. We align ourselves with that mission in every new service offering, strategic partnership, or function update on our platform.", said Karlo Seppänen, Co-Founder of Medified Solutions. "We have listened to the feedback provided by our users, patients, and professionals and are thrilled to offer another innovative way for our users to engage with their treatment."

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About Medified Solutions

Medified Solutions offers a low-threshold mental health service, utilizing artificial intelligence that supports the user's mental health and works as a secure link between individuals and healthcare providers. The company’s mission is to promote personalized care for mental health patients with digital treatment monitoring software.

The MEDIFIED is a clinically validated, CE Class I Marked solution classified as a Medical Device, consisting of a smartphone app for patients and a clinical web portal for healthcare providers that are used in the prevention and treatment of behavioural disorders such as depression. The mobile app is currently being used over 1,500 individuals and 150 caregivers. The MEDIFIED app is free to use and can be downloaded to iPhone and Android devices. For more information, visit:

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