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The Story Behind Medified

- an introduction from our Co-Founders.

It all started with sincere concern

“We saw that there is a huge problem in systematic treatment monitoring in psychiatric context, and no one was solving it. We wanted to change that.”

The Medified story began in 2018 at Tampere University when the mutual interest of technology-assisted health united Valtteri, Jussi and Karlo. Together they formed a team to participate in the innovation competition for medical students. The idea behind joining the competition arose from the unsustainability of mental healthcare in health centers today. The trio wanted to ease the work of healthcare professional harnessing the potential of health technology. In other words, they wanted to innovate a solution to help them and their young colleagues cope with future demands and growing number of mental health illnesses.

That’s when the idea sparked

Things started to fall in place: What if a simple mobile app would support the patient’s recovery in a difficult life situation? What if a such solution would facilitate healthcare professionals to get track on patients’ self-treatment processes? And at the same time enable remote mental healthcare?

Year 2019 was a time of growth

First place in Red Brick Accelerator, founding the company, multiple successful pilots and growing the team with CTO Olli. And that's just the first half of the year. Then prototypes, beta testing, team competence supplement with hires in research, business, and psychology, winning Pitch Captain Competition in Finland, and making it to the top 3 Finalists in University Start-up World Cup Finals at Copenhagen. In 2019, we were just listening to what our customers wanted and delivering.

Over the next few years, Medified got boost from multiple accelerator programs and caught the attention of not only the local, but prestigious international organizations as well. To mention some of our achievements, we got nominated for 1st place in the Accenture HumAlnity Open Innovation Challenge, were winners of the international GISU innovation contest, and also took 2nd place in Tech Takes On Mental Health Hackaton.

On a mission to develop better care for mental health patients

Since starting the business in 2019 we have set our goals to become part of the general treatment protocol to support mental health patients’ personal recovery journey by providing healthcare professionals unique tools to make data-driven treatment decisions. The creation of real value for mental healthcare continues to be at the core of everything we do. That’s why we consider it crucial that the application is developed in cooperation with both healthcare professionals and patients. During our journey we have also implemented numerous studies together with prestigious Finnish third sector organizations, such as Nyyti Ry and the Central Federation of Mental Health (MTKL).

Hearing stories from people suffering from mental health disorders that have gotten immerse help in understanding their own state of mental well-being and sharing it to their professionals with our solution has proven us that there is a real positive impact in what we do. Our passion for constant development and meeting customer needs is in our core.

There is a huge potential in our product for those who use clinical services, but we cannot say that we are here for better mental health if we ignore those outside therapeutic relationships. That’s why we have wanted to share our knowledge and solution with everyone. Anyone can download our app free of charge and see what they can do for better mental health, even you.

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