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The Future of Digital Healthcare

MEDIFIED is a health tech startup founded in February 2019 with a mission to develop personalized care for mental health patients.


 The team has a unique competence cocktail with clinical, tech, and business backgrounds. With the passion and courage to change the future of mental healthcare, we are on a journey of creating innovative, patient-centered solutions to increase the overall productivity of mental health treatment.

Valtteri Korkiakoski, Medified, Co-Founder

Valtteri Korkiakoski

Business Development

Karlo Seppänen, Medified, Co-Founder

Karlo Seppänen



Krista Ehrnrooth

Business Development

Jussi Kurikka, Medified, Co-Founder

Jussi Kurikka




Olli Warro




Vikke Tiirola

Software Development

Our values

Care Operating in the health-tech sector, we understand that technology innovations have to go alongside humaneness. Every member of our team works in a supportive environment where we care for each other, and every design of our product starts from the human. Medified strives to bring the best Care for mental health patients and healthcare professionals. 

Courage - The patients’ Courage to fight against mental illnesses is one of Medified’s inspirations and motivations to develop new solutions to support their treatments. From the very first spark of idea out of an incident to the progressive start-up we are today, Courage is what thrives our team through the obstacles and uncertainties.

Adaptability - Deeply understanding the rapidly-changing nature of the world of technology, we maintain proactiveness in every situation we face. Adaptability enables us to drive towards our goals and ambitions.

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