Mental Health treatment requires new digital solutions!

Mental disorders are unfair enemies for patients, professionals, and society. The complexity of each mental illness varies with each individual, thus intensive personal care is needed for each and every patient. Physical healthcare appointment pressurizes the professionals to work with uncertainties and human errors because of valuable self-treatment data is currently lost. 

We create a digital connection between healthcare professionals and mental health patients. Patients can capture and communicate daily mood and wellbeing in an easy and precise way, while professionals can receive valuable self-treatment information and monitor in real-time.

Personal data flow between professionals and patients is secured with a reliable end-to-end encryption solution.

Dynamic Treatment Monitoring Software

Native Mobile application for Mental health patients

Our mobile application gives mental health patients support in the personal recovery journey and at the same time activates patients in their self-treatment process with minor gamified features.


Patients can easily record their mood, feelings, symptoms, and other well-being states.

Cloud-based software for healthcare professionals

With our cloud-based software, healthcare professionals can monitor patients in real-time and help patients to get the right treatment faster and more efficiently. Valuable information from the self-treatment is collected and optimized for personal treatment.

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